Google API

Configure the Google API for user login with Google Account.

1. From the Dashboard, select Settings > Google API.

If you knew how to get your own Google API, you can skip this step and fill in your Google Client ID and Google Client Secret. Conversely, if you wonder how to get these pieces of information, please follow this instruction below.

2. Firstly, click here and login with your Google account.

3. Click on the OAuth consent screen tab, select External, then hit on CREATE.

4. Fill in all required information and click on SAVE AND CONTINUE.

5. After completing all the above steps, you'll then end up on the Summary page, where you can double-check your information and able to edit it.

6. Go back to the dashboard and then click on the Credentials tab. On the top center, you'll find the Create credentials button.

Click on that button and select OAuth client ID and Web application as an Application type. And, start to fill in the Name of your OAuth client.

Add your Authorized redirect URLs with the form as described below.

Click on CREATE when you complete

Your redirect URL must follow this form: It can't be Callback or CALLBACK.

7. Copy Your Client ID and Your Client Secret to fill in your Google API setting.

8. After you finish, Switch on Enable Google Login and click on SAVE CHANGE.

9. To ensure your Google API works properly. Click on TEST API to test.

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