What is Upvotex?

Upvotex is an innovation feedback platform. That helps you collect and manage all of your user feedbacks in one place. Switching from you THINK to you KNOW.

How it works?

1. Gather product feedback

Get feedback publicly on a dedicated feedback board. Shorten the gap between your customer's actual needs and the service that your business is offering.

‌Vote to change. Identify the most popular ideas by the amount of vote for each feedback.

2. Share your Roadmap

It's time to bring ideas to life. A roadmap is where you can communicate with your customer about the upcoming features. By sharing what you're working on, you get more trust from your customer, maintaining customer relationships.

3. Notify product update

After getting feedback and roadmapping. It's time to announcing new features and bug fixes in Changelog to close your customer feedback loop.

Why Upvotex?

  • Fast and confident decision making

  • Communicate channel for customer

  • Reduce the risk of product failure

  • Real-customer insights

  • Connect and build customer relationship

  • Manage feedbacks in one place

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