It is super easy to install Upvotex on your website. Follow these simple Getting Started instructions to begin.

1- Uploading

Step 1: Downloading.

After purchasing from Codecanyon, go straight to My Account > Download Items. Then download Upvotex to your computer.

Step 2: Uploading.

You will need to upload the downloaded zip file to your hosting folder and then extract the zip file.

Congratulations, you have just completed uploading Upvotex with a few easy steps.

2- Installing

Step 1: Begin.

To install, you'll need to access this URL by replacing it with your website domain https://Your Website Domain/upvotex/.

This will prompt the Welcome panel. Click on LET'S GO!

Step 2: Database information.

Fill in your database connection details and click on CONTINUE

Suppose you're not sure about this information. Please contact your hosting provider for this inquiry.

Step 3: Create an admin account.

Sign up for an admin account and click on COMPLETE INSTALLATION

If you were facing the error, as shown below. Please follow this guide to solve it.

First, you need to access your website folder through cPanel. Then you'll find the Upvotex folder.

Click-on it and find the file named as .env to change its permissions from 0664 to 0777. To change, click on the permission number, and keep in mind to save after change.

If you found any error while installing Upvotex. Please contact our support for more assistance.

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